Criminal Defence

We defend individuals charged with all sorts of offences on trial and appeal, including financial and white collar crimes, drug offences, sexual offences, frauds, child pornography and other computer offences, domestic assaults and homicides.

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Civil Litigation

We represent clients in all sorts of civil cases, including defamation, contract, civil fraud, Charter damages, police negligence, and injunctions.  Our experience in criminal and administrative law makes us uniquely suited to multi-faceted litigation.

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Constitutional Law

We have successfully challenged legislation and argued many of the leading Charter issues in Canada. We frequently appear in the Supreme Court of Canada. We also work with counsel seeking assistance with Charter issues in their own case, especially in the areas of privacy, freedom of expression and religion, fundamental justice, and Aboriginal rights.

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Regulatory Law

We advise regulatory bodies on investigations and prosecutions, represent clients on disciplinary and licensing matters, and argue all sorts of judicial reviews. We are experienced in animal rights, the regulation of health professionals, academic discipline, municipal by-laws and conflict of interest laws, and the Police Services Act.

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Annamaria Enenajor quoted in Law Times

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Annamaria Enenajor is quoted in the Law Times about the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision to grant leave to Intervene to various groups in the TWU Appeal. The problem with decisions about leave to intervene...